Compatible Apps and Devices

Our Ultrasonic Portable Mini and Ultrasonic Portable Solar devices will get connected via Bluetooth 5.1 to our Free Anemotracker App. Our app has 4 different modes : Marine, Golf , Meteo and Ballistics.  Anemotracker app is available for IOS and Android

Our Ultrasonic Portable Mini and Ultrasonic Portable Solar devices will get connected via Bluetooth 5.1 to your Garmin watch. Please note there are 56 different Garmin models  compatible with our Calypso Instruments app. In the link, you will be able to download the Calypso Instruments app and check the different compatible models. 

Our Ultrasonic Portable Mini and Ultrasonic Portable Solar devices will get connected via Bluetooth 5.1 to :

Marine apps : Weather 4D, Sentinel Marine Solutions, iRegatta, eStela, Sail Racer, EDO Sailing Instruments, Sailgrib, qtVLm Navigation and Routing  and Tactiqs.

Meteorological apps : Weather File. 

Ballistics apps : Strelok Pro.

Read more about them. 

Ultrasonic Portable Solar                                         

ULTRASONIC only allows ONE device linked at a time. If you want to use a different one, you should disconnect the first device, and connect the new one. It's a fairly fast change that will take you less than a minute.

Each ULTRASONIC Portable shows a unique ID when it's paired with your device. There is an option within the App where you can rename your ultrasonic, so it will be easier to identify your ultrasonic.

The number should be printed on your box and/or the ULTRASONIC sticker. You can also write it down the first time you connect it, since it will not change over the time. That ID will appear in the App when you scan for devices, so you will be able to locate yours.

Depending on the NMEA Connect plus model, The ULTRASONIC Portable Solar is compatible with NMEA Connect. Through Bluetooth, the portable sends data to the NMEA Connect box and the box then sends the signal via Bluetooth, NMEA or WIFI.

Yes, definitely. You will get new firmware updates via Bluetooth with lots of new features and improvements.

In the Ultrasonic that have bluetooth capabilities ( Ultrasonic Portable Solar and Ultrasonic Portable Mini) , it can be upgraded via bluetooth. The WIRED STANDARD firmware is upgradable via cable.

No, the unit does not compensate for mast rotation. However, some katamaran sailors do mount the unit between the hull. Please ask us for further information.

NMEA Connect Plus                            

Yes. If used on its own on a boat, it will allow you to get all your current NMEA 0183 data on yout smarphone via BT 5.1 (Real time and export).

Yes indeed, the only thing you have to make sure is that all the power sources are off before you start the installation, and follow the manual included in the package. If you have any questions, you can check the quick start guide.

By default, we only control issues regarding ANEMOTRACKER app. Protocol is open and many developers have developed their own. If you cannot connect to another app, we recomend to get in touch with the appropiate app.

Anemotracker App           

Locate your product by putting your unit very close to your smartphone. The closest device will be the closest to zero gain (-20dB is closer than -40dB).

Once you make a first connection, you can name that particular unit using your anemotracker app. This will make it easy to find your unit again.

You are able to find the serial number of your device printed on the box or on a label on the same product. The serial ID will also be shown in the connection menu at the top of the settings panel in the app.

By tapping on "export xls2 or "export kml" you could download all data.

Yes, if you push for some seconds where the values are, a menu will scroll down where you can choose the variables and the units.


The device has a M16x2 thread (length 16 mm ).

We recommend using either our mast mount or one of our poles (aluminum or carbon fiber). You can also design and make your own mount. We designed the unit to be easy to mount using universally available parts.

Note that the carbon fiber and aluminum poles are M16X1.5 while the Mast Mount Bracket and the Ultrasonic Wired are M16X2.0 thread (length 16mm). Screws come in the packaging with the Ultrasonic to attach it to the poles. The adapter for carbon and aluminum poles will allow you to use these poles with our Wired Range.
The adapter for pole 39 mm will allow you to adjust your Wired Range to a larger 39 mm pole.

The USB Converter cable, will help you to connect your NMEA Connect Plus and the ULP Ultrasonic or Davis Compatible ultrasonic wind sensor to a USB Port. 

The adapter for tripod will allow you to mount your Ultrasonic Portable Solar wind sensor on tripod. 

Our Phone Mount will allow you to connect your Ultrasonic Portable Mini wind sensor on your Smartphone ( Compatible with IOS and Android).

Our Go Pro Screw will allow you to connect your Ultrasonic Portable Solar wind sensor on any Go Pro accessory.

The Mast Mount will help you to mount your Ultrasonic Portable Solar and Ultrasonic Portable Mini wind sensors on a mast and adapt it into a 2 different positions. 


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