Ultrasonic Portable mounted on a tripod

New accesory for our Ultrasonic Portable wind meter.  

Mount your handheld anemometer on a tripod with our newest accesory. 

Among areas of application for this new accesory  drone pilots find it very useful to measure wind speed and direction at the landing area. Moreover, while they are flying the drone, they are able to track the wind information while the wind sensor is supported on top of the tripod.  

The drone brigade from the Firefighting Department of Zaragoza monitoring wind speed and direction on crowded areas during COVID19.

"Having an Ultrasonic Portable wind meter is a good competitive advantage when piloting RPAs.Takeoff and landing are critical in a windy environment, as well as  for flight planning in order to know the direction and power of the wind.  This is where the Calypso Ultrasonic Portable helps us to make decisions, giving us an accurate measurement. Moreover, it is small in size, with perfect connectivity and can be used with a multitude of accessories”.   Carlos Taberna- UAV Certified pilot

Ultrasonic Portable wind meter for watersport activities