How to connect the Ultrasonic Portable range to NMEA 2000 with the NCP- BT2000

The Ultrasonic Portable Mini and Ultrasonic Portable Solar can be connected  to the NCP-BT 2000 either via wiring to get data on a NMEA 2000 display , or via Bluetooth to get data through Anemotracker App.

How to configure the Ultrasonic Portable Solar/Mini to the NCP_BT2000.

Configuration Instructions:
  • Connect the NCP via USB to your computer. Confirm the green light is on in the NCP.

  • Look for the NCP wifi in the computer’s wifi options and connect to it by inputting the password found on the NCP.

  • Once connected, input the following IP address: (found on the NCP).

  • Click on the Configuration Page. In BLE Configuration, input the MAC address of the Portable unit (Portable Unit MAC is found on the Portable Mini/Solar box). Hit save. Disconnect the USB cable from the computer, wait a couple of seconds and reconnect it.

  • Refresh the IP page and click on Status Page. You will see the NCP connected to the Portable MAC number you inputted.

Option 1: NCP_BT2000 to NMEA 2000 Display. Instruction to connect the NCP_BT2000 to a NMEA 2000 Display.

  • Plug the NMEA 2000 cable from the NCP_BT2000 to the NMEA 2000 backbone.

Option 2 : NCP_BT2000 to Anemotracker App.

How to Connect the Ultrasonic Portable Solar/Mini via Bluetooth from the NCP_BT2000 to the Anemotracker App.
  • On your mobile device, turn on Bluetooth and GPS.

  • Open Anemotracker App, allow app permissions and in the Settings Menu, click on Scan.

  • Find the NCP in available Bluetooth devices and select it. You can find it under the name NMEA 5.0.

  • Once connected, you can see wind data in the app.

You may follow the steps described on our last video :


You can have a look at the NMEA connections,  specifications and documentation.

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