Free Anemotracker App

Anemotracker App is a free downloadable app for Android and  IOS devices and GARMIN watches. With this app you can get a variety of values from your bluetooth anemometer. and you can also save your wind meter data when tracking.

Calypso Instruments has diversified the Anemotraker app for various uses:: Marine, Golf , Meteo and Ballistics.

Ideal app for sailors and watersport activities

Anemotracker App will provide you with some different data such as true and apparent wind angle and speed, and it will show you some visual & dynamic graphs  for more detailed information.

Perfect for measuring meteorological activities

All data you want to access when when referring to meterological factors will be displayed in different screens by choosing this mode. Wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, wind pressure, wind gusts and visual & dynamic graphs which will record data over several time intervals. The user will also be able to track and export such information into  a csv format to a PC. 

Hit the golf ball with accuracy

This design represents a simple but very visual screen where golfers will have a clear idea of the procedence and intensity of the wind. Such information will help for performance assessment.  Anemotracker will provide you with wind direction, adjustable damping and stylish graphs which show means and deviations among other things. 

For hitting the target

 In this design, those looking to improve their accuracy in shooting can now obtain data on wind speed, direction and other variables such as temperature and air pressue all on one screen for easy and quick reading.


You can download Anemotracker App for Android and IOS. Compatible with Garmin Connect IQ ( * Check the section "Compatible Devices" in order to see all the different Garmin models compatible with our App). 

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