One of the most important variables in long range shooting is wind speed and direction. Measuring wind speed and direction gives the shooter an advantage for success. Accurate,  reliable, local real-time wind data is a valuable piece of information to anticipate the trajectory of the bullet before pulling the trigger. 

Our range of  wind meters  measure real time wind speed and direction   right where the shooter is. Data is sent via bluetooth to our Anemotracker app allowing you to obtain data from the windmeter of up to 100 ft. Wind conditions can also be logged over time so the shooter can have a better undestanding of the wind conditions. 

On top of wind speed and direction, our  Anemotracker app pulls other weather data (pressure, temperature, humidity) from your closest online weather station . These variables do not change from one spot to the other as much as wind does and will complete all data required by  the shooter to run the ballistics calculations. 



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Free Anemotracker App


Odoo • Text and Image

Connect your device to your Smartphone

With Anemotracker App you can get wind speed and direction from your  Ultrasonic Portable Mini  and  Ultrasonic Portable Solar  bluetooth anemometers. You can also save your wind meter data when tracking. 

Available for   Android  and  IOS . Compatible with  Garmin Connect IQ.

Other Ballistics Compatible Apps


Strelok Pro Compatible

Strelok is a ballistic trajectory calculator.

Small, handy and accurate. Field-proven accuracy since 2001.

You can select reticle from list and see wind and distance corrections on reticle without turning knobs. You can send by e-mail the reticle image with holdovers and ballistic table.

Available for  Android  and  IOS  .

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How to configure your wind meter for Ballistics


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Calypso Instruments shooting wind meter


Follow these easy steps and connect your Ultrasonic wind meter to your smartphone.

We are here to help you with your project!.

Whether you are an OEM, a farmer or the owner of a weather station do not miss the chance to test our products. We are open to modify our firmware, hardware and software to fit your needs.


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